Diet For The Strongest: Hafthor Bjornsson Tells What He Eats During A Day

Hafthor Bjornsson has become a real sensation in the strongmen’s world. The young sports and movie star reveals a bit more about his life, training, and dieting. He tells that his nutrition is very important to stay strong and reveals what he eats during a day.

Being a sports star is not only about impressive results and perfect physique, but it’s also about inborn charisma and some opportunism. Fortunately, Bjornsson has it all. The popular powerlifter and Games of Throne actor keep hyping and amazing his fans.

All eyes of the sportsman’s fans are now on him and on his main opponent Hall from Staffordshire. The two strongmen are starting a battle and compete against each other in many ways. A few days ago Bjornsson broke Hall’s deadlight record, lifting 501 kg. The previous record was only 1 kg less impressive, so revenge is still possible.

Now everyone is eager to see the future boxing match of these two monsters, guessing who will be the winner this time. Bjornsson heats’ his fans’ interest, telling more and more interesting details about his daily meals, sports philosophy, and preparation for the upcoming match.

Food Is a Part Of Success

Hafthor believes his success would never be possible without special dieting. He eats 10 000 calories daily, however, the strongman always watches what he puts in his mouth. No respect for junk food or useless snacks, – he feeds his body only the best products!

If you think that eating much is a privilege, Hafthor believes it’s a hard job. He eats at least 6 times a day, choosing steaks, fish, chicken, lots of greens, vegetables, nuts, and healthy oils. The sportsman eats at least once in two hours and is never hungry. Food is fuel to his body, he feels weaker if he misses a meal.

While the sportsman believes most of his food shall be healthy, his diet shall include a lot of fast carbs. Hafthor training is harder than most people can take and right before an intensive work out, the sportsman eats lots of easy carbs. “Before a training session or after a training session I eat what I want.”, – he explains.

Not A Good Example

While Hafthor Bjornsson’s diet is perfect for him, it may become dangerous for any other man. Such an amount of food may kill an average human and would be definitely harmful to most sportsmen. Another example of how important the understanding of your personal needs and aspects of your training is.

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