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There is a big event planned on November 4 and it is Blizzard’s BlizzCon, and fans are excited for the possibility of a new Diablo game to be unveiled during the event. Note that it is uncertain if we are in fact getting a fourth installment of the Diablo game, there is a chance that we can get a remastered version of Diablo 1 or Diablo 2.

According to reports by PC Gamer, there is a rumor that the BlizzCon event had a four-sided promo pack, and one side teased “D4” This, of course, caused fans to get hyped up and excited about the possibility of Diablo 4 coming into our lives. Unfortunately, the bubble was burst and it was confirmed that the numbers on the promotional die was printed in error.

The explanation for this misleading typo error is that instead of three “1s” that appeared at the bottom of three sides of the die, there should have been two “1s” and one “4” thus reflecting the starting date of BlizzCon 2016, November 4.

As per VG246, the cause of all the excitement and hype for Diablo 4 is a video that showed the die with a print error, the said video was uploaded by YouTuber Rhykker. Although it was all a misleading typo error in print, the project lead for Diablo, David Brevik, and the senior producer Bill Roper apparently chimed in with all the Diablo 4 excitement. There was a tweet of a picture of stars aligning with a caption that read “for 20 years, Diablo-like games have evolved and surprised us. I’m proud to be the adviser for the game that pushes the genre to new heights.”

All this plus the appearance of the two big names in the Diablo development team has fans eyes glued on them for any more hints that Diablo 4 really is coming.


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