Dexter Jackson Visited The Crying Wall in Israel

Dexter Jackson is a legendary bodybuilder with great experience. He managed to win the Olympia contest one time only, however, his social activity, great sense of humor, and devotion to the sport made him a popular sportsman and a true inspiration for many people.

Dexter has his fans in most countries of the world. That’s why he is often invited to different events globally. The sportsman enjoys traveling, however, it’s also known that he avoids traveling too often especially at the time when he prepares for the competitions.

The bodybuilder says that the sport is still number one in his life and he doesn’t want any of his activities to stop him from training or to make him break his dieting. However, this time the famous sportsman decided to make an exception and spent some days in Israel where he was invited.

Dexter told that the local sports community in Israel met him very warmly. He introduced to a lot of interesting people and was invited to a great number of places. The sportsman took part in several master-classes and shared his experience with those bodybuilders who train and live in Israel.

Jackson had a very busy schedule. However, he didn’t want to miss a chance to see the popular sights situated on the territory. One of the special places visited by the sportsman was The Crying Wall. Perhaps, this place impressed the sportsman more than others. Till now The Crying Wall has become the only place of historical meaning that Dexter shared a picture of.

Dexter liked the trip and shared a lot of positive and warm words about people he met during his traveling. However, the sportsman also underlined that his visit is connected to his professional activity and business and doesn’t reflect any of his political ideas.

Unfortunately, some of Dexter’s followers saw a political and religious background in the trip and started very hot debates under some posts of the sportsman. Dexter preferred to stay far from any further discussion, demonstrating his neutral position.

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