Saturday, May 8, 2021

Dexter Jackson Thinks About Retirement

Dexter Jackson is a bright bodybuilder with great experience and incredible professional records! The sportsman has been on the stage since 2002 and has always been an example of creativity and a great devotion to the sport.

The bodybuilder has stood near to many sports legends that we won’t see anymore and has become an inspiration for the future generations of bodybuilders. Dexter won the Olympia crown in 2008 and still has high chances to repeat his success being almost 50 y.o.

There are only a few bodybuilders whose career has become as incredible as Jackson’s. In addition, fans of Dexter hope he has a chance to become the oldest competing bodybuilder in the history of the sport. No doubts, Dexter is in great shape. He looks and feels incredibly young and strong. However, the sportsman told he thought about ending his career in the nearest future.

Last year Dexter had a very honest interview right after 2018 Olympia contest. He told his fans he was exhausted and tired. That interview caused a wave of rumors about a possible end of Jackson’s career. However, the sportsman himself denied the information.

This year we all wait to see Dexter Jackson on the stage. He has already shared several photos that made us understand he was going to present an excellent physique for 2019 Olympia.

However, due to Dexter’s recent words, it’s very possible that this year can become the last in his career. At the same time, his fans hope that the information will be denied later and such mood of the sportsman can be caused by his being tired.


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