Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Dexter Jackson Shared a Photo That Will Become a History

Dexter Jackson who will celebrate his 50th birthday next year is not going to leave the stage. The sportsman still looks great, strong and incredibly young. However, it looks like the sportsman has a nostalgic mood missing great past times.

The fans of the sportsman started to notice some changes in Jackson’s mood. The sportsman who has always been ready to joke and laugh, to share some funny stories and to charm everyone with his sincere smile, now often looks serious and even sad.

Perhaps, his melancholy is connected with remembering the time when he was a proud holder of Mr. Olympia title full of ambitions and energy.

Recently fans of the sportsman got another reason to support the theory after Dexter shared an old photo of five Olympia champions posing together while celebrating the 91st birthday of Joe Weider.

A photo of five Olympia legends Frank Zane, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Chris Dickerson, Dexter Jackson, father and one of the founders of the sport Joe Weider is a real treasure for bodybuilding fans.

The photo gathered more than 20 000 likes and over one hundred comments. Most subscribers of the sportsman were happy to see the picture and thanked Dexter for sharing such a great and truly historical moment with them.

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