Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Dexter Jackson Looks Great And Ready to Compete

Being one of the most popular Olympia celebrities, Dexter Jackson is going to celebrate his 50’s birthday soon. Now, Dexter is in the age when most of his colleagues finish their career and discover perks of life without regular workouts and competitions. However, Dexter is not this type of people at all. The 2008 Mr. Olympia can’t imagine his life without hard training and annual contests.

Last year, being totally exhausted after 2018 Olympia, Dexter told he was thinking to stop competing. This news made Jackson’s fans worried. However, soon everyone understood there was no serious reason to worry. The bodybuilder’s career is far not over.

If potion of eternal youth exists, its recipe is not a secret for Jackson. Otherwise, how to explain the current physique of the sportsman? Dexter is in great shape and he keeps training like a beast. 

Moreover, today he looks even younger than a year before. The sportsman believes that hard training keeps his body as young as it was more than two decades ago. He also looks better than a lot of young Olympia competitors and has really high chances to become one of the top-five participants in the Olympia contest this year.


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