Dexter Jackson Is Changing His Mind: 2008 Mr. Olympia Won’t Stop Competing After 2020

A few months ago Dexter Jackson was about to finish his career. He said he was going to stop after the 2020 Olympia contest. Yet it looks like the veteran bodybuilder was too quick with his decision. The sportsman may change his mind according to his recent interview.

Being a competing bodybuilder means pushing your body above any limits. That’s why most sportsmen stop competing after 45. Dexter Jackson is a kind of exception. The former Mr. Olympia is 50 years old. And he’s still in the game.

Insane motivation and great genetics make Dexter a real beast. He looks better than lots of his younger competitors. Some experts say that he still has a chance to win the Olympia again. Whether it’s true or not, he’s definitely one of the best bodybuilders on the planet.

Yet Dexter confesses that things change with age. The sportsman said now it’s more difficult to prepare for the contest. Dexter says intensive training and dieting makes him feel exhausted. The former champion started to think about retirement in 2017.

 Fans of Dexter are happy that he has postponed his leave. Yet everyone understands Jackson can’t compete forever. A few months ago he said that he would stop competing in 2021. He planned to finish his career after this year.

Dexter has competed for most of his life. That’s why it’s so hard for him to leave. His career has been his priority for years. And this pushed him to postpone his decision again. In a recent interview with Dennis James, Dexter said he planned to add the Arnold Classic belt to his collection.  

The bodybuilder said he denied building plans for the future. He still thinks about the end of his career. Yet he’s not ready to say a date for that. He also said his decision may depend on many things.

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