Dexter Jackson is far not old. He looks and feels great and keeps sharing his positive vibes with his fans and even haters. However, he is in the age that can be critical for a professional bodybuilder. Soon the sportsman is 49 and he has never missed a chance to hit a stage.

2018 Olympia was a real challenge for Jackson. He demonstrated amazing physique and great posing skills. All who saw Dexter on the stage were impressed by the level of his preparation. Jackson was smiling and looked just as bright and cheerful as ever.

However, his post-event interview became a shock for his fans. The sportsman looked really tired and exhausted. He decided to be honest with his fans, telling how embarrassed he felt. Dexter told that it was really hard to prepare for the competition. He didn’t speak about finishing his professional bodybuilding career openly. However, he told that any Olympia weekend could become the last one for him.

It was very unusual to see Jackson sad. He has always been an example of positive thinking and charmed sports fans with his jokes and incredible smile. Many sports critics told that the competition was last in the sportsman’s career.

Fortunately, soon after the interview, Dexter’s fans understood that his words were not a farewell. The bodybuilder has showed some videos where he was training hard. He has a great physique and it looks like he’s not going to give up this early.

Perhaps, former Mr. Olympia is not as bright as his younger competitors now. However, he’s one of a few sportsmen who really enjoy the Olympia stage and the competition itself. It’s almost sure, we will see Dexter Jackson smiling on the Olympia stage next year. Moreover, he has high chances to become one of the oldest bodybuilders who take part in the competition. A great example of a strong will!


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