Dexter Jackson is a living legend of bodybuilding. There are a few sportsmen staying in professional competitions of Olympia level as long as Dexter has stayed. He’s a real inspiration and motivation for many bodybuilders.

This year Olympia competition was especially difficult for Dexter Jackson. Right after the contest, he told that was ready to stop any time due to his health issues. He looked really exhausted and that made lots of his fans worried. Many people thought that the message could mean an end or a break in Dexter’s career. However, the sportsman himself ended any rumors showing videos and photos of himself training hard soon after the competition.

Jackson has always possessed himself as a sportsman with an iron will, great self-discipline and astonishing determination to what he does. A scary bulky monster is not the one you’d like to laugh at. However, there are people brave enough to troll this Olympia competitor and former Mr. Olympia.

Recently a member of 24HR Fitness gym went far enough to mock on Dexter Jackson. The sportsman was not angry. He laughed at himself and shared the story with his fans making a video.

Dexter’s fans saw another side of the sport’s legend, discovering his self-irony and sense of humor. After a few hours after being posted, Jackson’s video gained thousands of views and comments.

The case is just another evidence that being a real muscle-beast on a stage doesn’t mean being aggressive or insane in real life. Finally, behind this scary and impressive bulk of muscles stands a great and very friendly personality.


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