Dexter Jackson is one of the top-popular bodybuilders in the world. What is that special in his career? Except writing his own name in the history of the sport after winning Mr. Olympia title, Dexter has all chances to become one of the oldest bodybuilders participating in the Olympia contest.

Jackson looks and feels better than many younger bodybuilders and he stays healthy after passing a long way from a beginner to one of the best bodybuilders in the world. Whether you are a professional bodybuilder or just a person that is interested in improving your physique, there’s always a good advice Dexter Jackson can give you.

Fortunately, the sportsman is quite generous when it’s about sharing some wisdom with his fans and those who are ready to listen. Recently Dexter exploded one of the most popular bodybuilding myths.

If you are new in the gym or have some experience already, you’ve probably heard a popular rule: lift much to become bigger. Many coaches believe that only heavy weights can bring the desired result.

However, Jackson told that working with smaller weights is that special secret that made him a successful and greatly looking bodybuilder. Moreover, working with smaller weights allows to avoid unnecessary traumas and to stay on the professional stage for a longer time.

Dexter says that people shall understand that there’s a great difference between a training routine of powerlifters and bodybuilders. While the aim of powerlifting training is to increase your power, the final goal that attracts bodybuilders is making their bodies look massive and shredded. And if you are a bodybuilder or have a similar aim, lifting smaller weights works!

Jackson Dexter shared his facts and opinion in one of his latest interviews, giving detailed explanations and many recommendations that are very useful for sportsmen.


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