Friday, April 16, 2021

Dexter Jackson Congratulated His Wife And Posted a Touching Message

Dexter Jackson and his wife Gale Elie are one of the most beautiful couples among sports celebrities. Unfortunately, we can’t hear much about the family life of Dexter. He’s a very honest person when he speaks about his professional career, training, and preparation for another competition. However, he’s absolutely different when he’s asked about his personal life, his wife or his kids.

Fans of the sportsman say that Dexter is trying to protect his family from some annoying attention, possible tension and internet trolling. And that can be a wise decision. However, this time Dexter decided to share some of the details of his personal life and tell his followers more about a woman that has stayed with Dexter for more than 15 years.

Charming Gale Elie who is Dexter’s wife has celebrated her birthday a couple of days before. That has become a reason for sharing a very romantic and touching post on the sportsman’s Instagram.

Dexter told his followers that the family life of the couple had never been easy. They had a lot of problems and even conflicts. Jackson told that his sports career, dieting, preparation for the competitions, numerous ups and downs often made him irritated and nervous. Gale has always been the person who suffered from the changeable mood of the sportsman and tried to find a way to support him during stresses and loses.

Jackson also shared some rare photos from their family archive, showing even some old pictures that were probably taken years ago when the Dexter and Gale met. The couple looks incredibly young, happy and beautiful. The post quickly gathered almost 30 thousand likes and a great number of comments.

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