Monday, November 29, 2021

Dexter Jackson Celebrated His 49th Birthday

Dexter Jackson is a real living legend of bodybuilding. He was born with a true love for the sport in his heart and now when he’s close to his 50, the sportsman is not going to leave his sports career.

Dexter is not only an often visitor of the gym, he has spent a bigger part of his life there. Moreover, he is still competing in the Olympia competition and is still looking great even near to younger bodybuilders and sports stars.

Jackson won Mr. Olympia in 2008 and he proved that he’s worth to be called a king of the sport. Now, even looking incredibly fit and shredded, Jackson has little chances for taking the Olympia throne again. However, year after a year he has more chances to win another title – to become one of the oldest Olympia participants ever.

Unlike many sportsmen, Jackson managed to achieve the greatest results and to develop amazing massive muscles without damaging his health. Jackson knows how to combine hard work, insane stresses and a great care about his health. Now, when Dexter is already 49, he’s still young, full of energy and incredibly motivated.

Two days ago, on 25th of November, Dexter celebrated his birthday. He received lots of warm words from his fans and colleagues and shared a cheerful photo of himself with an appetite creamy cake!

A few days before that, Dexter Jackson also told that he was not going to give up or to stop his career, giving his fans a hope to see his traditionally great performance during the Olympia contest next year.

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