Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Dennis Wolf Leaves the Sport Due to Health Issues

It looks like today’s bodybuilding is facing too many changes. Perhaps, soon the modern era of bodybuilding will come to an end and we will soon witness the beginning of a new and very important period of the sport’s development.

Dennis Wolf who has been one of the most recognizable bodybuilders for many years gave an interview that proves his competing career may finish soon. The German sportsman tells that he has some major health problems and this fact makes the bodybuilder worried.

Now the sportsman is facing a serious dilemma. He has to choose between a long and healthy life and his professional success. Wolf’s doctor advised him to reduce the intensity of training and to lose some body weight. Otherwise, he may feel worse in the nearest future.

Dennis thinks that it can be really difficult to leave those everyday things that he got used to. Currently, he can hardly imagine his life without training, contests, being on the stage. Moreover, Dennis thinks that seeing himself in a mirror after losing some weight may be real stress for him.

At the same time, Wolf is not ready to sacrifice his health for continuing his career. He plans to live a long and healthy life. While following the doctor’s recommendations may only mean the end of the competing career, Wolf wants to connect his life with the sport even after retirement.

This interview was not an official announcement of Wolf’s retirement. However, it’s the right sign that the sportsman won’t compete anymore. Fans of the bodybuilder are now waiting for his official announcement and more data about the issue.

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