Monday, November 29, 2021

Dennis James Thinks That Phil Heath Can Lose His Chance to Become a Champion Again!

Phil Heath has been one of the most popular and discussed bodybuilders in recent years. The reason for that was his victories and an incredibly long-lasting leadership on the Olympia stage. However, it looks like his recent loss has brought him even more fame that all of his seven victories.

Now, when the competing season is getting closer, everyone is interested in what is going to happen to the ex-champion’s career. There are too many questions, starting with ‘whether Phil will compete this year’ and ending up with ‘if the sportsman becomes the champion again’.

Phil Heath posted some videos assuring his fans that he is ready for the 2019 competition. The sportsman looks incredibly confident. However, there are also some information sources that say the sportsman is thinking about postponing his great return and make a break this year. The possible reason for that can be his depression caused by the loss or possible health issues (the sportsman underwent a major operation only a few months ago).

The information can be nothing but gossips, and this possibly has no relation to the real intentions of Phil. However, many sports experts have already reacted to it and attacked Phil with all sorts of recommendations and advice.

Dennis James has never missed a chance to share his professional opinion about things that happen in the world of the sport. Moreover, his thoughts are often interesting and are very close to the truth.

Dennis thinks that missing a year may become one of the greatest mistakes of the sportsman. He says that Phil has great chances to return his position in the competition now. However, the more time he loses, the fewer chances he has.


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