Thursday, June 30, 2022

Dennis James Thinks That Leaving Camel Crew Is The Right Decision For Big Ramy

The upcoming 2019 Olympia competition attracts much attention. The sport’s fans are eager to know who will be the next Olympia champion. Big Ramy is surely among those who have extremely high chances to win the upcoming contest, perhaps, that’s why he is one of the most discussed sportsmen these days.

Last year the contest turned out to be a great disappointment for Ramy. He was expected to finish the contest being among leaders, however, he hardly managed to enter the top-five list of the contestants. His result dropped from the second place that he won in 2017 down to fifth place in 2018. Later Big Ramy surprised his fans with some important changes: he left his crew, sports club and terminated his contact with his coaches and instructors.

Now it’s time to see renewed Ramy. Will new Big Ramy be better than he used to be a year ago? It’s still a big question. However, there are experts who think they are ready to answer it now. And Dennis James is among them.

Dennis thinks that Ramy needed some great changes, otherwise, he would not be able to stay one of the top bodybuilders. No doubts, Big Ramy presented an excellent physique, however, the sportsman competes against very strong contestants and he needs to move on to stay on the top.

The expert told that Ramy’s new direction can bring only positive results. Dennis thinks that Ramy has overgrown the Camel team and Neil ‘Yoda’ Hill will definitely be a better coach for him than Ramy’s former instructors.

James says that Ramy’s decisions can appear too facile or even premature, however, that may be wiser than anything Big Ramy did before.

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