Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Dennis James Explains Why Being a Bodybuilder Nowadays Is Easier Than In The 90s

Dennis James is a sports expert who knows bodybuilding from the inside. He has spent thousands of hours training in a gym and working on his body. While Dennis is not a competing bodybuilder now, he still knows everything that is going on in the world of bodybuilding.

Usually, James is commenting on the recent events that happen in the sport. However, he also loves talking on some deeper topics and often evaluates today’s bodybuilding comparing it to its earlier periods.

This time Dennis decided to remind modern bodybuilders how lucky they are. The expert compared today’s sportsmen to those who were making their sports careers in the ‘90s. James conclusion may make some bodybuilders wonder: modern competitors are working less hard than their predecessors around three decades ago.

These days bodybuilders look more massive and more impressive than ever before. It may make some people think that now sportsmen are more hard-working and goal-oriented. However, Dennis James doesn’t support the idea

The bodybuilding expert explains such a change with more opportunities that are available to sportsmen today. He also explains that past-days bodybuilders had to sacrifice more time to look the way we see them at old posters.

James added some illustrative examples to show how much sportsmen used to suffer to get proper information and nutrition. His informative video-message is not only telling more about the sport’s history but also stimulates people to use modern opportunities that we all are so lucky to have.

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