Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Dennis James Dreams to See Kai Greene Competing For the Olympia Throne Again

Kai Greene is a very special character in the world of sport. His inborn charisma and outstanding physique made him one of the most recognizable bodybuilding celebrities. Kai is more than just another sportsman, he is also a motivator and a role model whose name will stay in the history of bodybuilding forever.

While most bodybuilding stars leave the stage due to health issues or age, Kai Greene stopped competing, being at the top of his career. That explains why so many of Kai’s fans could not accept his decision.

Kai is still in the focus, giving interviews, sharing his jokes and comments on the most interesting sports cases. He often visits bodybuilding shows, expositions, and events. However, lots of people still miss Greene at the Olympia stage.

Dennis James who tries to be an objective sports experts can’t hide his attitude towards Kai Greene. James was one of the first people who heard about the end of Kai’s career and he stays last to believe in that. Dennis has already asked Greene to come back. He has even tried to support several flashmobs to ask Kai to return to the stage.

Greene has never given a clear comment on the situation, keeping his future plans in secret. Since the official end of his career, Kai has never spoken about his possible return. However, this can’t stop Dennis to believe in Kai’s comeback and to speak about that.

Who knows, maybe we will finally witness the return of one of the brightest bodybuilders in the nearest future. It’s very possible that Kai’s farewell is just another creative trick to entertain his fans.

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