Thursday, June 30, 2022

Dennis James Creates His Own Rating of Sports Gurus and Tells Who Is the Best Modern Coach in Bodybuilding!

Speaking about the success in bodybuilding, we usually discuss sportsmen, their proportions and posing skills. Many of us forget the physique that a sportsman demonstrates on the stage is a result of something more than a bodybuilder’s genetics and hard work. There’s a coach that stands behind each sportsman and his results.

Most top sportsmen trust their coaches. They follow the advice of their trainers not only in a gym. A good coach or a sports guru controls everything that may have a connection to the sport. It may include control over what a sportsman eats and how many hours he sleeps or relaxes daily. Some coaches give tips even on a sportsman’s skin care, as having healthy skin is also a big plus for a bodybuilder.

It’s difficult to overestimate the meaning of a great coach for a bodybuilder. It’s quite difficult to be a successful sportsman without a person who has enough knowledge, experience, and expertise to control the process of training and preparation for bodybuilding contests.

Often, a sportsman can reach greater results after changing a coach. It also happens that a promising sportsman disappears from the top ratings after breaking a contract with a coach or a trainer.

While most sports experts concentrate on the Olympia sportsmen, discussing their achievements, Dennis James decided to pay some attention to their coaches.

The expert checked each coach that stands behind the success of popular Olympia participants, trying to understand who of the sports gurus are the greatest. Creating his own hit-parade of the top coaches, James explained the reasons why he chose the coaches for his top-list. He also explained who of the coaches can be called the number one and why.

Unfortunately, none of the great coaches gets as much fame and attention as the sportsmen they work with. However, sometimes it’s nice to remember about so-called ‘invisible’ people who stand behind great achievements of others. Dennis James decided that sports coaches are also worth some attention. Why not?


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