Saturday, May 8, 2021

Dennis James Commented On The Latest Issue Between Men’s Physique And Open Weight Bodybuilding Divisions

Sometimes a real war between two groups can start from a really small thing. This is exactly what happened between Jeremy Buendia and Antoine Vaillant. The conflict between the two sportsmen now is involving more and more people and attracts the attention of the media.

Everything started from a controversial joke of Antoine Vaillant. The sportsman posted some photos of himself posing in broad shorts supporting the pictures with an entertaining message. However, Vaillant’s words were funny only for some people, there were those who got offended by his posts.

Jeremy Buendia was among those who didn’t find Vaillant’s post funny. He got mad and started to argue with his colleague from the Open Weight division. Moreover, later Buendia posted a video message speaking about the fact of discrimination of sportsmen from Men’s Physique division. Buendia told that bigger bodybuilders often offense representatives of other divisions and don’t want to understand that sportsmen of all divisions work equally hard to get excellent results.

Jeremy’s video attracted the attention of many people with different opinions about the issue and that has already lead to hot debates and many conflicts on the internet. Now this conflict is one of the most discussed events. And, surely, it could not be ignored by a sports expert like Dennis James.

Dennis tries to calm the sport’s fans down and to explain the reason for the conflict. Moreover, James is going to answer the most popular question  about the real initiator of the argument: Vaillant with his posts or Buendia with his reaction on it. The answer is in the video from Dennis James.

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