Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Dennis James Commented On Big Ramy’s New Size

Big Ramy’s transformation is, probably, one of the most surprising things this year. Ramy has always amazed his fans with his incredible size. The bodybuilder has been huge. Big Ramy’s size used to make him look impressive. He could easily entertain the auditory and catch the attention of people, however, it looks like being extremely massive is still not enough for winning the main bodybuilding contest.

After his painful loss at 2018 Olympia contest, Big Ramy decided to change his training strategy. Before Ramy trained to grow his muscles bigger, trying to repeat the fame of legendary Ronnie Coleman. Now, the sportsman understands his old approach won’t work anymore.

Big Ramy has left Kuwait where he used to train and found a new coach. It led to great changes in the sportsman’s diet and training program. Recently, fans of the bodybuilder noticed that he looked significantly smaller than before. It’s quite understandable that Ramy is losing his weight intentionally.

Perhaps, the sportsman is trying to look more lean and shredded, like the current champion Shawn Rhoden or his main opponent Phil Heath. However, it’s still not understandable whether this strategy will work for Big Ramy who has always been one of the best Olympia contestants, however, has never been the Olympia king.

Moreover, some people think that Ramy still has time to gain his weight back before the contest this year. In fact, it’s quite difficult to make any conclusion due to the lack of information that the sportsman shares. That’s why the opinion of a professional is needed. Some grounded expert’s explanation would allow to understand the possible result Ramy’s transformation will lead to.

Dennis James tries to explain how the recent changes in Big Ramy’s life and appearance may influence his career and which impact it may have on the whole bodybuilding world.

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