Jake Gyllenhaal is that kind of actor every acting coach all over the world should tell their students to learn from. With movies like: “Southpaw,” “End of Watch,” “Nightcrawler” and “Prisoners”, there is simply no match for these performance.

Now his new project “Demolition” comes in, Gyllenhal choose a role that doesn’t need him to involve as sensitively as those others did. For a change, he paired up with Wild and Dallas Buyers Club director Jean-Marc Vallée for a part that needs emotional impartiality.

Gyllenhaal plays Davis who is a popular banker wedded to Julia (Heather Lind). She and Davis were in a car accident that kills her. At the time of her death in hospital, Davis purchase something from the vending machine but it gets stuck, provoking Davis to write a protest letter to the vending machine’s customer service section. After that many letters were sent by him showing his mental and emotional state.

This converts Davis into deconstruct his life. This is not limited to his life, but moves to his surrounding even when it is light fixture problem in his in-laws’ house or refrigerator in his kitchen needed to be fixed.

Finally the customer service rep at the vending machine company calls, that role was played by Karen (Naomi Watts) but she senses a much deeper link to Davis.

“Demolition”flaw is the impractical relationship Davis grows with Karen and her son. It’s all look slight convenient and doesn’t appears to be 100-percent genuine.

While not a five-star affair, with Demolition, Gyllenhaal again proves he’s one of our finest film actors, in a story rife with meaning for anyone who’s ever suffered loss and reevaluated everything.

Story :

Davis Mitchell played by Jake Gyllenhaal is a popular investment banker but the death of his wife car crash thing doesn’t work out for him. Regardless of his father in law’s attention, Phil (Chris Cooper), Davis endures to unravel. It all started with an objection letter to a vending machine company changes into a sequence of letters showing surprising personal admissions. When all of this comes to attention of customer service rep, Karen Mareno (Naomi Watts), she forms an improbable connection with him regardless of emotional and financial problems of her own. With the assistance of Karen and her son, Chris (Judah Lewis), Davis will start to change his life.

Cast :

  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Davis Mitchell
  • Naomi Watts as Karen Moreno
  • Chris Cooper as Phil
  • Heather Lind as Julia
  • Polly Draper as Margot
  • Brendan Dooling as Todd Koehler
  • Hani Avital as Young Waitress
  • Wass W. Stevens as Jimmy
  • Celia Au as Punk Girl
  • Judah Lewis as Chris Moreno
  • Nancy Ellen Shore as Socialite philanthro…
  • C.J. Wilson as Carl
  • Tom Kemp as Dr. Brodkey
  • Alfredo Narciso
  • Lytle Harper as Attractive Waitress
  • Gregory Haney as Nurse
  • Zariah Singletary as Upscale Girl


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Release Date: Apr 8, 2016 Limited

Genre:    Drama, Comedy

Directed By:    Jean-Marc Vallée

Written By:    Bryan Sipe

Runtime:    1 hr. 40 min.


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