Around 200 people have fallen sick across 4 states since the month of May due to cyclosporiasis outbreak, said the Centers for Disease and Prevention on Thursday and 7 people have been hospitalised.

As per the CDC, the illnesses have a link to the pre-packed vegetable tray which the people bought from the Del Monte Fresh Produce brand in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan. The people purchased the trays from several retailers which includes Snetry, Meehan’s, Potash, Kwik Star, Kwik Trip convenience stores located in Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Illinious.

The outbreak has been linked to the Del Monte vegetable tray which consisted of cauliflower, baby carrots, dill dip and broccoli and contained the label for sale by June 17, 2018.

On June 15, a recall was issued of these clear, plastic packaged trays that contained these food items. As per a statement issued by the Food and Drug Administration, two cases reported in Michigan had bought the tray in Wisconsin and so, Michigan as such does not have an impact from this cyclosporiasis outbreak.

Notably, cyclosporiasis is an infection caused in the intestine due to the cyclospora parasite. Those people who have been infected due eating water or food which is contaminated with cyclospora. The state, federal as well as local officials have been working to determine which of items on the tray is the main culprit as well as the reason behind the contamination.

Berries, lettuce, liver are known to be major sources of food poisoning. The cyclosporiasis symptoms include bloating, diarrhea, fatigue nausea, weight loss, and stomach cramps. In some case, the infected person may also experience, headache, fever, body ache, vomiting and flue like symptoms.  If the infection of not treated then it can last for a few days to over a month and even if the person may start feeling better, there is a possibility that the situation can get worse again. The patients can be treated with the help of antibiotics.


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