'Deadpool 2' Release Date, News & Update
(Credits : Youtube)

The Director of one of the biggest film releases this year, Deadpool has reportedly left the production team due to creative differences. Tim Miller, the director of the successful movie Deadpool has left the production team and it seems that it was caused by some creative difference with the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds who happens to also have a say behind the camera. It is worth mentioning that Tim Miller was already working on a script for Deadpool 2 even before officially signing up for the gig. What does this mean for the upcoming 2018 film?

Given that the director of Deadpool has left the building, the production team will have to find a new director before the movie’s scheduled release in 2018. The movie is still under development and is in its casting stages. The team is still looking for an actress to play the role of Domino, at present they have 6 actresses to choose from who will be the female lead in Deadpool 2.

Now that Tim Miller has let go of his Deadpool 2 project, he may now focus on Fox’s Influx, which is another promising project to work on. Although the amount of money Deadpool made was definitely huge, amounting to $786 million, Tim Miller still decided to move on. The creative differences with Ryan Reynolds must have been too much.

However, the fans have been assured that there is no bad blood between Reynolds and Miller, it was just due to professional creative differences. Deadpool 2 is still expected to premiere in 2018 most likely with a new director.


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