Deadlifting Genius: 13-year-old Kid Lifts 445LB

Morgan Nicholls is only 13. He’s a powerlifting enthusiast. However, his results are already impressive. The boy lifts more than an average sportsmen do and plans to go further. Sports society can only guess whether this sports genius will become the new sports legend or end up having health issues.

When you think about making your child fitter and sportier, you never plan that kid will finally lift 445 lb (220 kg) after some months in a gym. However, this is exactly what happened to Morgan. The gifted boy is stronger than most of his school friends. He’s stronger than most of his friends’ fathers indeed!

Being a non-professional sportsman, Morgan spends lots of time in the gym. He’s glad to share his progress with Instagram followers and gets tons of attention. The young powerlifter is not planning to stop training, telling that working with weights is his biggest passion. No doubt, this 13-year-old kid has already got the desired ticket to the professional sports world and he will use it in a couple of years.

Is That Dangerous?

While Morgan has an army of fans and supporters, there are also people who think that Morgan’s training is too hard for a teenager. Many are wondered whether such workouts lead to traumas or become a reason for skeleton or bone disorders.

While Morgan’s case is not so common and may appear scary, experts say there’s nothing wrong with his training. It looks like the young sportsman takes all necessary precautions to stay safe during his workouts. Moreover, Morgan’s fans are sure he’s not taking any medicine to speed his sports progress up.

In his case, such a great performance is probably caused by his inborn power and genetics. That’s why most experts believe that Morgan is not at risk.

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Second chest day of the week – wanted to get some work in with the kilos because I heard they are so different – this was my first time ever lifting with kilo plates – and that shit was heavvvvyyyyyyy – Game plan was to get 315x4x1 pause sets – first set felt CRAZY heavy because we miscalculated and it was 326.25 so definitely threw me off a bit but still was able to pause it (Video posted) – then went to 315x3x1 – then 292.5x2x2 pause sets – then 265×3 pause – want to thank @gp_spencergraham for the great workout at @gp_athletics #runningback #middlelinebacker #football #footballworkout #footballworkouts #fridaynightlights #baller #ballers #discusthrows #powerlifting #powerbuilding #teammayhem #gym #gymlife #training #trainingmotivation #outworkeveryone #dreambigworkhard #bodybuilding #chestday #benchpress #13yearsold

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