Dead Rising 4
(Credits : Youtube)

The setting of Dead Rising 4 is the same as the previous games. They have chosen Willamette as the setting again. This video game presents the comeback of the male protagonist Frank West. The clock that keeps ticking sets the time limit. The player has to follow the time limit and perform accordingly. The primary motive of this game is to survive the onslaughts of the time. Developer Capcom Vancouver along with the publishers Microsoft Studios has planned to launch the game series that would naturally increase the excitement of the game freaks. He hopes that this series will be a success again.

Released on Xbox and Microsoft Windows, Dead Rising 4 brings to its fans a new system of mechanics that will encourage the fans to buy these games soon. As the hero returns to the game with this series, it is expected that the fans will get engrossed in this game. The game is like a box full of surprises that will keep you engaged. Frank West, the protagonist, returns with more fervor and energy to explore the vast zone. The township which seems to be under threat is a den of adventure and unexpected circumstances. The new set of dangerous zombies creates an eerie atmosphere that adds a new element to this latest version of the game series.


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