Dead Rising 4
(Credits : Youtube)

According to Gamespot, the Dead Rising 4 New Return to the Mall trailer will feature the main character, in the name of Frank West, fighting zombies.  Unlike the debut a decade ago in the Willamette Mall, this time, the main character is armed with many suits enabling him to beat zombies and push over cars as well.

Based on the report of Screenrant, the upcoming trailer is set to come this December perfect for the holidays. In connection with holidays, the trailer will find Frank, the main character, in the middle of the zombies-packed mall the same with what happened during the Christmas time. This survival horror game will return along with the fourth iteration. However, this time with a lot more open world experiences as well as amazing customization options, therefore, letting the gamers be creative. And one of the unique selling points would be the customization of the weapons and tools which are enjoyable to be used against zombies.

Indeed, Dead Rising 4 New Return to the Mall trailer will introduce the new tagline of the game which goes as “Let the slay ride begin!”. The game could be purchased along with pre-order freebies announced by Microsoft. And four different bonuses will be provided based on whether gamers are to purchase from Amazon, GameStop, Xbox Store and Best Buy.

Dead Rising four is expected to be released on December 6 on Windows PC and Xbox One. But for the meantime, you might check out the New Return to the Mall trailer which is reminiscent of the game’s first debut a decade ago.


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