The general manager of Cleveland Cavaliers is in agreement pending till the end of this June.

However there have been many discussions but no confirm news of extending griffin and the Cleveland Cavs agreement has highlighted. The Cavs perhaps won’t let any other party to offer a new job to Griffin during the competitions. The normal time to sign Griffin was last summer, possibly when trainer Tyronn Lue signed his new bond. But that didn’t occur. Lue and Griffin have the same manager.

The Cavs tenure lean towards letting the contracts end. The issue is discussed off and on. Previously, Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith were reluctant to sign deals up to the training camp had started. In 2007 the Cleveland Cavs were also having long term contract arguments with Sasha Pavlovic and Anderson Varejao. Pavlovic signed up at the completion of training camp. Varejao didn’t sign till the regular season commenced.

As a general manager, Danny Ferry went into the 2009-10 season in the last year of his agreement. An addition to the tenure never was functioned properly. In the summer of 2010, Ferry was gone by joint settlement. Chris Grant was then promoted to take Ferry’s place.

Later in February 2014 Grant was dismissed .Griffin was his assistant that time, and after Grant, he was forwarded to take his place. Griffin was hired a three-year agreement to continue as general manager in the summer of 2014.

Lue didn’t extend the agreement of his new five-year to coach the Cleveland Cavs while waiting for July 26, 2016. That was later five weeks when the Cleveland Cavs won their first NBA championship.

What is the future of Griffin?

It’s a really unpredictable question. However, fans are expecting the Cleveland Cavs to make a really good offer at this point. But Griffin will have many other alternatives if he wants to go somewhere else or not.

The Atlanta Hawks are in search of a general manager. Also, Griffin has a very good standing in the NBA. He has been associated to the Orlando Magic job too. So it’s not so hard for him to find another job. Or he can rest for a season, and then be available for more offers next year.

Griffin has said nothing about his contract extension, but maybe he is open to leave. Working for the Cleveland Cavs has huge gains. It has the uppermost payroll in the NBA. It also has LeBron James. Its games are watched at every home. It has a brilliant schedule. But the job is awfully demanding. There is no team building for long term. Everything is what it is right now. Everything short of a title is reflected a distress. It’s a very striking job, but it takes a distinctive skills to do it right.

It’s unbelievable whether Griffin is not employed by now. But according to the Cleveland Cavs history, that’s not a surprise. There is an  equal chance of him being employed.