David Beckham And Kevin Hart new advertisement have been released by H&M which features both these figures enacting for the campaigning of the clothing company. In the commercial, Kevin is seen sleeping when the snake moves towards him. David plays the role of a savior trying to help Kevin from this snake using his bare hands.

This funny video has the main motive, and that is to advertise their new clothing line for the autumn collection. Even though Beckham doesn’t like musicals personally, he is seen driving a bus on which is written I, Beckham: The Musical. The two are on a journey to Vegas. This road trip is one of fun and mischief where both are seen enjoying each other’s company.

David Beckham And Kevin Hart new advertisement is quite funny and has been getting a lot of positive feedback and a gradual increase in the ratings. The viewer’s find this advertisement entertaining and get to see both these men enacting their part well. H&M is one of the best brands in the clothing lines. For their classic autumn collection, they planned a bigger launch. It could not have been done in any better way. The idea of bringing together David Beckham and Kevin Hart, the two popular celebrities, was probably one of the best decisions that the company had taken this time for launching their collection in the market.


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