The Dark Souls 3 fans can enjoy as the next few days are going to be very good because they would have a new thrilling game experience through the first 4 PlayStation Network stress. Moreover, the fans of the series is also having a new game-play video and thus letting them know to the new installment.

The matter of pride for the company is that they have added the new Dark Souls 3 game play video at the Brasil Game Show 2015 and revealing the games main aspects during the event. However, the BGS 2015 build is almost is the same as that, and does not contain any significant new feature for other events that are available recently. The nicest thing is the video quality that is more than decent and the fans of the series are having some perks on this side.

Last month, a new Dark Souls 3 official game-play video was made available online as a result of the Tokyo Game Show 2015. At first, the video was scheduled to be made available in Japanese at first, but some loyal fans have translated it into English later, so now it is possible for all fans of the series to understand the full content of the video.

Other Dark Souls 3 off-screen game-play videos are also available online after Dark Souls divided 3 Japanese Prime event. Although, the video Quality “is not the best, but it is fair enough to understand what is in them.

Dark Souls 3 will be released in March in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to launch the Western version of the next month on the PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC One. More news on the game and on the test road network would obviously develop the latest news about the mesmerizing game. Let’s see how much admiration does it get!

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