Play Store Malicious Apps Attack

It is indeed notable that the Google Play Store as improved their security measures for dealing with malicious software that may be listed in the Play Store, however, there are some that are still able to penetrate through Google’s defenses and become available for download disguised as some other application. Be warned, these malicious, malware infected applications can harm your device.

A report from the cyber security firm known as TrendLabs, there are currently more than 400 malicious and malware infected applications lurking in the shadows of the Google Play Store, waiting for someone to victimize. It seems that the experts that defend the Play Store from this dangerous software are only looking over specific applications that are infected with something called DressCode malware. The name itself suggests that it will look harmless on the outside, but there are hidden codes that will download more malicious codes to ruin your device. One the users make the mistake of installing one of these DressCode infected applications from the Google Play Store, they will be at risk of having their activities spied don and their data forwarded .

To protect yourselves here is one of the malicious applications disguised as something else. Grand Theft Auto V mod for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, It has already been downloaded over 500,000 times and this software will definitely wreak havoc on your device, and even use your infected device to access and infect other devices on the network.

Google is, of course, doing their best to pinpoint malicious software and removing them from the Play Store.


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