CT Fletcher Shared an Incredible Story of His Recovery


CT Fletcher is more than just another popular character in bodybuilding. The sportsman is a crazy motivation for anyone who has ever searched for inspiration on the internet.

Fletcher is known for making incredibly creative videos and sharing his sports philosophy with his fans. The bodybuilder knows a secret way of making people inspired about the sport and ready for reaching new bodybuilding goals.

While most bodybuilding fans used to think that the internet image of CT Fletcher is just a successful PR trick, the popular sportsman proved that his will, power, and character is more than just acting.

Recently CT Fletcher faced one of the greatest challenges in his life. He had some health issues and a severe heart disease. The medical prognosis was just awful – Fletcher needed a heart transplant, he could die at any moment.

While many fans of the bodybuilder were sad and worried about him, no one expected Fletcher back to training.

However, Fletcher showed, that he needed something more than a heart transplant surgery to stop him on his way. The sportsman didn’t hide anything, showing his long way from the sport’s top to a hospital bed and back, sharing all the things that helped him to return to training again.

Now Fletcher is not only back on his feet, but he’s also developing his insane power and returning his former physique incredibly fast. The sportsman is, perhaps, less strong than he used to be before his disease was found, however, he is far more motivating and respected than ever before.

Check the motivating video that will tell you Fletcher’s story!



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CT Fletcher Shared an Incredible Story of His Recovery

CT Fletcher is more than just another popular character in bodybuilding. The sportsman is a crazy motivation for anyone who has ever searched for...

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