CT Fletcher Proves He’s More Than a Human: Sportsman Looks Super Strong and Motivated After Serious Disease

If you think you have a reason to miss training, it’s time for you to learn more about CT Fletcher. The sportsman built an incredible physique and lost it all due to dangerous health issues. After risky surgery, months in hospital, and scary medical prognosis, this beast is back in the gym. He’s current physique is impressive!

Looking at popular bodybuilders, you may feel they have something you don’t! Powerful genetics, best coaches, or a magic potion? It’s hard to believe the only privilege they have is a strong will and endless inner motivation. Yet the story of CT Fletcher is a great example of how much one’s determination and strong character mean.

A few years ago Fletcher was about to die. He survived a complicated heart-transplant operation. While the surgery went successfully, no doctor could guarantee Fletcher would be able to return to normal life activities. Yet the sportsman managed to do even more! He not only lives like a healthy person but also trains harder than most of us!

Being realistic, it’s hard to say that the disease didn’t change him. Fletcher lost half of his size or even more. Yet he manages to stay strong and toned. He keeps gaining muscle weight and, who knows, maybe Fletcher will return to his super-muscled image very soon. Since Fletcher was first hospitalized, the sportsman has gained lots of new followers and fans. Even his haters have an undeniable reason to respect the bodybuilder now.

The sportsman shared a video of his backyard workout. The living legend showed how to stay fit, having no equipped gym or expensive machines. The king of motivation explains that the old-school bench and some weights are enough for a great workout.

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