CT Fletcher Got Seriously Offended By a Joke of ESPN


The story of CT Fletcher is a real inspiration and a reason to admire the sportsman. Being at the top of his career, Fletcher found out he had a serious heart disorder. After a long therapy and some unsuccessful attempts to treat the heart of the bodybuilders, doctors told that the only solution in his case was a serious heart transplant surgery.

After going through a real nightmare and spending months in a hospital, CT Fletcher started his long way back to return his impressive physique and his insane physical power. There are a few people only who managed to stay indifferent hearing the incredible life story of the sports star.

Fletcher shared the details of his case and was brave enough to reveal his worries and fears he had during a long way to his recovery. The situation was widely discussed and attracted a lot of attention. However, it has never been a reason for making jokes until recently.

ESPN decided they can use one of the videos that CT Fletcher posted during his hardest time to poke fun at a recent loss of New England Patriots. Trying to be creative and bald, the producers of the program crossed the line and the joke caused a negative reaction of both a sports society and CT Fletcher himself.

The bodybuilder was very angry and embarrassed seeing the joke and he posted an answer to ESPN in his Instagram account. Numerous followers of the sportsman supported him, sending angry messages to ESPN and telling they understand the pain that CT Fletcher could feel.

This case can turn into a great scandal and spoil the reputation of ESPN if they will not find a proper way to apologize as soon as possible.



  1. This is one of the most lowest points , that i can ever remember because I thought espn stood for something. I was wrong I’ve seen espn fire for less or suspend them. I guess it was only for a selected few.


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