CT Fletcher had a very serious heart transplant surgery. It was a great risk and could lead to a death of the sports star during the surgery or recovery period. This fact made many of his fans worried.

Most sports experts didn’t expect Fletcher to come back to the sport and many have already told his bodybuilding career was in the past. It was hard to believe that Fletcher would be able to come back to his routine activities and simplest everyday exercises again.

Recently Fletcher surprised his fans looking good and being in a good shape. Everyone wondered seeing one of the most popular bodybuilder looking that great soon after the operation.

However, this week has become even a greater surprise for Fletcher’s fans. The sportsman came back to the gym and started training again. His training routine is less intensive than it used to be before his disease and surgery. But anyway it was a real shock to see the sportsman so strong and motivated.

It’s obvious that the sportsman is the kind of a human who needs something more than a scary heart disease to stop him on a way to his goal. The bodybuilding society is very impressed and touched by the level of determination Fletcher demonstrated. His will, spirit, and power of character are incredible.

After seeing a video of Fletcher working hard in the gym only a short period after his operation and hospitalization, it’s easy to believe that we may see him on professional bodybuilding stage again. It looks like a man with such a mindset can do anything, including some impossible things.



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