Criticism and Only Criticism for iPhone 7 Mini

Written by Greg Thomas

The rumors of iPhone 7 have been met with insane amount of criticism most specifically by experts. One can easily get an idea that how miserable iPhone 7 Mini can be by witnessing these loads of negative remarks coming randomly in its favor. The reason put forward by experts regards to iPhone 7 is the technicality involved that cannot be summed up in such a small device.   

Technology experts are still wondering as to how a four inch small display device can sum up all the newest technology required for this flagship hones. If iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Mini and iPhone 6CS are all coming next year, do we expect that Apple would be able to cope up with meeting these standards easily.

Moreover, if a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and a pressure-sensitive Force Touch screen are embedded inside iPhone 7, we can say that there is a new classical device in the making. Just wait and see what you are being offered at the end.

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