Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was known as Milwaukee Cannibal lead a life that wasn’t normal. American national who lived for 34 years had a wide criminal history. He was known as a rapist, sex offender, and murderer of 17 victims. Eventually, he was imprisoned for what he did.

Jeffrey Dahmer suffered from personality and psychotic disorder.

It was due to his mental illness he was provoked to perform such acts but this cannot justify the lives which were lost due to his actions. He was finally beaten to death by his fellow mate at the jail.  He got imprisoned for his ill actions.

The environment of Jeffrey Dahmer’s home affected his mental health.

None of the parent devoted much time to their son. Habits of his parents were not like a normal family. His mother Joyce Dahmer was also mentally affected. She was an attention seeker. She demanded attention all the time. After his birth she spent most of the time in bed seeking recovery. She was an addict. His father spent most of the time at his university.

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Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother committed sucide.

Family habits affect the mental growth of a child. He was sick by mind which provoked him to do such acts. His mother committed sucide by taking over dose of sleeping pills. This incident affected him a lot. He was a neglected child. None of his parents taught him how to live. This deficiency surely played a role in making him a criminial in the society.

Dahmer himself mentioned his family life as life of “extreme tensions”.

In his childhood he was very much affected by the circumstances. He was mentioned as timid and quiet child in the school. He had small number of friends.

Jeffrey Dahmer had weird activities from the early childhood. His friends narrated that he was interested in animals. Many of his friends told that he used to dismember the parts of those animals and store them in jar. This was one of the indications that what was he going to do in future. One of his campanions saw him staking a dog’s head.

Jeffrey Dahmer used to drink beer and spirits at high school.

He seemed to have some new friends at high school. His activities were weird as compared to normal students. Dahmer became an alcohol abuser at the age of 14.  Although it was not an issue but stiil it was an initiative to a bad broughtup of child.

At puberty, Jeffrey Dahmer came up with the fact that he is homosexual.

This was one of the fact that moved his attention towards crime. He used to indulge in a relationship with a young one but it never went well.

In 1978, Jeffrey Dahmer graduated from the high school. He was caught drinking a lot. Then he again narrated that he was facing a lot of problems at home. All this background pointed towards his future criminal record.


Jeffrey Dahmer committed his first murder in 1978 at the age of 18.

Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer, The serial killer

Dahmer was too young to take this step but circumstances forced him to do so. Jeffrey was alone in his home when he took a young Hitchhicker. After killing him during materbutation he cut his parts and then buried the corpse in the backyard. This totally showed his mental sickness.

After his mother’s sucide he used to live with his father and step mother. There lived his grandmother. His grandmother was the only person who had affection for him. She was the only family member who had a feeling of care and love for him.

Jeffrey Dahmer got his firts job at a chocolate factory.

The series of weird events continued. At his factory knowing that he was bisexual he was approached by many men. Although he didn’t respond to them but this event stayed in his mind. He had a male statue in his cupboard which he used for sexual stimulation. Finally when his grand mother came to know he wasa asked to discard it.

Jeffrey Dahmer used to get angry on his sexual partner. He used such activities to relax as he was frustrated with the world. For this reason he used to intoxicate his partner with sleeping pills.

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In 1986, Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested for masterbutating infront of a 12 year old child.

It was taken as an offence action and he was charged for it. Later due to consequences he justified the incident that he was urinating and he wasn’t aware of the fact that he was being witnessed. Still he was charged with 1 year of probation.

In Jeffrey Dahmer early twenties the series of subsequent murders continued.

In 1991 Dahmer was charged of four murders in court. With all the murders in series he was not charged with attempted murder of Tracy Edward nor Steven Tuomi.


Jeffrey Dahmer was proved insane after the charge of all the murders.

Although Dahmer was proved guilty but he was suffering from mental sickness. The prosecution claimed  that it is not the mental sickness Jeffrey Dahmer wasn’t able to resist his impulses because of his personality disorders. They rejected the defence argument thatDahmer was insane.

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Philip passed the statement that Dahmer wasn’t suffering from mental sickness. Another testifier DR. Fosdel testified that Dahmer wasn’t mentally ill when he performed all the murders. Rather he stated Dahmer as a cunning person who is actively tackling all the situations right now.

The last witness for the prosecution was Dr. Park who testified that he didn’t believe that Jeffrey Dahmer is mentally sick. Dr. Park diagnosed Dahmer with substance abuse and schizotypal personality disorder.

The trail lasted two weeks and Jeffrey Dahmer was proved to be not suffering from any mental disease. Finally he was pleaded guilty for the attempt of 15 murders. He was sent for the trail for his first murder; Steven Hicks.

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Jeffrey Dahmer was finally sentenced to 16 term of life imprisonment on 1st May , 1992.

For the first year of imprisonment he was kept in solitary due to his physical concerns. After his consent he was placed with other mates. He used to have many serious incidents during his imprisonment.

 Jeffrey Dahmer was beaten to death on 28 Nov 1994.

In the morning Dahmer went to do his usual work. He and another mate Anderson were found bleeding. They were admitted to te nearby hospital but couldn’t survive. The culprit Scarver confessed that he killed them both by hitting them with iron rod.

The victim’s families seemed to be pleased with his sudden death.

He was a murderer and a rapist. Jeffrey’s death was a relief to all the families who lost their dear ones due to him. Due to his psychotic actions many people died a horrible death. He was already under punishment but his death caused a soothing effect to the suffering minds. Apparently they didn’t show any gratitude but it was too obvious that they were very gay to hear this news.


Jeffrey’s Dahmer estate was distributed among 11 of his victim’s families after his death.

11 out of 17 victim’s families sued for damage. His estate was given as alternate. Dahmer’s possessions were destroyed soon and were buried in a landfill. All the places he used for murders and rapes were demolished and are now considered as a vacant plot.

Many factors played a part in building such a personality like Jeffrey Dahmer. He was not a killer by profession. He used to narrate his family problems and issues. Although he wasn’t mentally sick as proved by the officials still he was suffering from mental anxiety. He had been through circumstances which made him do this.

Moreover, his homosexuality added fuel to the fire. He was provoked by many others. Personality disorders and solitude were the factors that resulted in such crimes. But there is nothing such justification we can use for taking someone’s life. He did wrong and suffered at the end. He was beaten badly to death.

No doubt he had an interesting life but this is more a lesson.