Creator of The Most Popular Muscle Bond Characters Died At Age 95


Stan Lee never was a professional bodybuilder. He was not a fitness guru and never demonstrated great physique.

Lee dedicated his whole life to creating images and working on popular comics. However, it would be wrong to say that this talented man has no connection to the sport.

Lee was a creator of great masculine heroes that inspire thousands of people to take better care of their own bodies and motivate sportsmen to work harder.

Astonishing and very creative images of The Hulk, Thor, X-Men were carefully designed by one of the most talented illustrators in the world. These fantasy heroes are the true reflection of golden standards of fitness and bodybuilding.

Lee was inspired by the sport and while showing no interest in the bodybuilding competitions or rumors was truly interested and charmed by an aesthetic side of the sport. He was one of those people who took bodybuilding as an art, not a sport. And the greatest masterpieces for him were the sportsmen’s bodies.

If there was a statistics speaking about how many people of the different age – kids, teenagers, adults, were attracted to the sport because of the fascinating heroes created by Stan Lee, the numbers could probably be impressive.

No doubts, Stan Lee did a lot not only for modern art but also for the sports popularization.

Just a few days ago Lee died. He was 95 when his heart stopped in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. These days he is honored not only by his friends and colleagues but also by thousands of people who were amazed by his talent and wonderful images he created.



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