The phenomenal success of iPhone 6s and 6s plus has created marvelous craze about iPhone 7 and that is why we are hearing rumors about its release and extravagant features every now and then. Although there so much news about iPhone 7 yet the authorities have confirmed that the current schedule of release won’t be disturbed and would let it be. It is more likely to happen that iPhone 7 would be released somehow around September 2016.

The sales reaching to new extremes have compelled authorities to work hard on the new upcoming projects as the expectations have also reached to new extremes.

The news about A10 chipset or Intel chipset plus a dual-core to hexa-core set-up is talk of the day. The buzz is also that the chip can be manufactured by collaboration of the two manufacturers.

 The new foresee protection technology that would make things convenient for the users and protect the phone from upcoming damages. The adjustable technology would make things more and readjust itself once the phone is out of danger. The technology is the latest and has reached to new horizons as not that much was expected when it comes to phablets. Moreover, the Apple authorities have also confirmed the inclusion of its other devices such as macs, tablets and much more that could possibly get this new technological update.

In addition, the function of virtual assistant Siri can also get broaden in the new iPhone 7 and the virtual keyboard can also be part of the new iPhone 7.


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