Cranbrook father and daughter took gold in world powerlifting championships

Shayne and Aspen Parker showed off their skills in powerlifting and got gold in the respective categories from October 11-14 in Virginia Beach, Va.

Aspen confessed that coming out on top was really rewarding. She competed in the 14-15-year-old category at the 132-pound weight class, and her dad competed in the 45-49-year-old category in the 198-pound weight class.

Aspen participated in deadlifts (80kg, 90kg, and 105kg), back squats (55kg, 60kg, and 65kg), and bench-pressing (30kg, 37.5kg, and 42.5kg). Shane, in turn, participated in deadlifts (200kg, 212kg, and 225kg where he missed his last attempt).

Raw powerlifting means the absence of supportive equipment and drugs. Squat suit, bench shirt, and knee wraps are the only supportive gear.

Competitors from all over the globe, including India, Hong Kong, Ireland, Australia, and other countries have participated in the championships to duo.

Shayne confessed that their road to Virginia was pretty long, while they were almost drained physically and mentally. For this father-daughter duo, this was the first international championship and they would not mind doing it again.

Aspen has involved in powerlifting through CrossFit last year thanks to her father Shayne who has been powerlifting for about 15 years. Every morning, they both do CrossFit at Cranbrook CrossFit. So, dad decided his daughter has to come and try powerlifting. Aspen and Shayne participated in Medicine Hat at the 2018 Grind/Canadian Nationals previously. After a successful Canadian competition, they decided to qualify for the world competition, according to Aspen.

However, Aspen managed to set Canadian records in her age group for bench press and deadlift even.

Aspen confessed that she likes powerlifting competitions because it gives her chance to travel. For Shayne, only his personal achievements coming along with the competition matter.

Shayne said that they will continue with CrossFit and see where their strength takes them. Next year, the 100% Raw Powerlifting World Championships will be in Calgary. And Shayne said that it’s a phenomenal thing to get involved in.



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