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HTC has announced that they are going to release its new model of smartphone HTC 10 in this month. HTC customers would love to know what the upcoming phone will offer them.

Screen :

In the model you will get a 5.2 inch screen accompanied with 564 pixels per inch resolution. New edition of BoomSound Hi-Fi means that the tweeter is places at the top of the phone’s front and woofer is located on its base resulting in downwards shootings of bass sound. You will find finger print sensor below the screen grouped with capacitive buttons on both sides.

Beauty :

You will find the new release a beautiful and handsome model. It takes many features from HTC One from last year and adds on to them. With curved back, and smooth finish the model looks slimmer than the last one. Easier to hold and perfect to show off in differing light colors the phone is identifiable as HTC in absence of its logo. You can start your countdown to get hold of one of three colors of HTC 10; topaz gold, carbon grey and glacier silver.

Beauty catcher :

The phone is not only a beauty in itself rather it is also destined to capture your beautiful moments to preserve them like they are happening. The model takes HTC’s Ultra Pixels technology a little further, resulting in bigger pixels catching more light than the previous ones. Now the pixels are 1.55 microns. You can count on rear camera to get laser autofocus, optical image stabilization, 12-megapixel sensor and a two tone LED flash.

With HTC’s Zoe Capture you can combine still pictures with moving.

You can find Ultra Pixels in its front camera also, however they are smaller than those of rear camera. HTC claims that this model is the only one which offers front camera with optical image stabilization, letting you take selfies even when you are a bit unsteady.

Labor behind the Screen

For its latest model, HTC has worked closely with Google to add new feature to it. While smartphone manufacturers have the choice to add their own apps to already vast library of Android Software, HTC’s vanilla Android experience has shown itself up to customers’ expectations.

Newer software by HTC has made it easy for consumers to switch from other devices to HTC’s. HTC has streamlined the apps on its store. It is either using its own apps or that of Google’s to make things easier for mobile users.

Capacity :

New hand set get a quad-core processor in the form of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. It comes with a huge RAM which is 4 GB. You rarely find this big RAM in others sets. The set provides storage of 32 GB on board. Or you can choose a 64 GB one.

The battery life is claimed to be more than one day. It can be recharged to its half in just 30 minutes. The set is supplied with HTC’s technology CoolCharge which prevent the phone getting hot while charging.
Newer model is going to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Its design, outlook and features will all convince customers of its unique style.


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