(Credits : windowscentral.com)

Cortana is a sweetheart virtual assistant from Microsoft and that is why its inclusion in so many Microsoft devices has been highly admired. With Windows car making spree, it is expected that Cortana will feature the most awesome Windows car and engineers and tech experts are working so hard on it in this regard.

For gaming diehards, it would be amazing news that Microsoft has updated Cortana with so many new features in Windows 10 platform for new mobile devices. Moreover, the finest and unique thing about Cortana it would be featured in the new Xbox One gaming console and thus helping diehards in enjoying gaming phenomenon with this new technology.

The operating of Cortana on the Xbox One is comparatively easy and all you need is to go into the Settings menu and then tapping the A button a couple of times. However, it is advised to be able to test the assistant out before it gets finished. The users should also keep in mind that Cortana would not be having all the features.

The coolest thing about Xbox One is that users would be able to enjoy the most updated and latest technological offering on their devices. The diehards can now easily know about the latest opportunity and about the latest offerings of these new consoles. So grab your new consoles as Cortana has officially been declared to be part of Xbox One.


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