Corning Unveils Gorilla Glass SR+

The last year 2015, Corning also announced the “Project Fire,” which they introduced to be the effort to make a material for wearable gadgets that can combine the durability and quality of Gorilla Glass with its scratch-resistance level of sapphire. Right after a year, Corning already introduced its new Gorilla Glass SR+ and it is now ready to hit the market…

Corning also detailed that Gorilla Glass SR+ is solely brand new glass complex to that, like teased, merged the toughness, optical clarity, and touch sensitivity of Gorilla Glass with its “high-quality scratch-resistance approaches the luxury of watch cover materials.”

According to Corning, Gorilla Glass SR+ also gives its 70 percent higher quality damage resistance that is better than alternative display cover materials. Addendum to that, Corning said that they also offer the improved optical performance that leads itself to have a longer battery life and improved readability in surroundings like direct sunlight, thanks to the 25 percent better surface reflection of their improved Gorilla Glass SR+.

While it’s still on its way to being seen on which companies will adopt Gorilla Glass SR+, the said products are commercially available nowadays and is expected to be one on consumer devices from one of the “leading global brands earlier this year.”

Nowadays, the Apple Watch uses its Ion-X glass for the Sports variants and the sapphire glass on its stainless steel and Edition offerings.


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