'Contract to Kill' Movie Review
'Contract to Kill' Movie Review

Harmon is an observer of the CIA / DEA trapped in Mexico trapped Islamic terrorists And Steven Seagal seductive FBI agent.

'Contract to Kill' Movie Review

Measured against his lack of fulfillment in his latest film three movie titles, the former action movie star Steven Seagal might actually be dead and no one bothered to say. I “former” say because the interpreter is still a shadow, which is said (mentally, physically not, because if he has done is now twice as large) – all that is related to the “action” is now completely off Of reach. The fans always want to avoid contract, kill and instead dig their old DVD copies of The Matrix and over the law.

Book and directing frequent accomplices Seagal – staff – Keoni Waxman, this effort was shot in Romania, a country that for some reason, the actor is still taken seriously. Seagal plays John Harmon an “executor” of the CIA and the DEA (it seems to be a surplus) whose final mission involves a conspiracy involving both traders Islamic terrorists and Mexican drugs that looks like a wet dream Donald Trump.

Harmon your research help – and need a lot of help – is Zara (Jemma Dallender), kind of attractive, sexy FBI agent looked only in bad movies, and Sharp (Russell Wong), a pilot drone teacher whose competence, in the form of You play with a hand-operated panel constantly, it is not particularly cinematic exciting.

Supply a constant series of pumps F and the dialogue in the order “Stay, bitch!” Seagal could be through movement, with the exception that would move to actually have. In a combat scene, with the idea of getting up from the chair painfully dull, and his fighting style as soon as she is now ceasing his arms wild as desperate shakeings and weaves around to wave without burning more than a few seconds. His appearance, his mild, leaves something to be desired. His black hair and her hair seemed painted with shoe cream, and has now reached such a level that the perimeter is clearly embarrassed to take his shirt for the obligatory sex scene.

Laughably incapable at all technical levels and represents the kind of evil that is not affected by fun is contractually killing strict DOA.

Contract to Kill‘ Movie Lionsgate Description :

Directed : Keoni Waxman
Produced : Steven Seagal, Keoni Waxman, Binh Dang
Screenplay : Keoni Waxman
Cast :  Steven Seagal, Russell Wong, Jemma Dallender
Edited : Trevor Mirosh
Distributed : Lionsgate