Comedian Mike Marino Cut From Cable Special

Radio One Studios’ Thunder World Radio is a popular south Jersey show that can be heard on numerous east coast stations. In 2016, the show’s cast appeared at many conventions throughout New Jersey. At several weekend conventions over that summer, they managed to record some of their more ‘colorful’ escapades. One that caught our attention was about NJ-based comedian, Mike Marino.

At the ACBC (Atlantic City Boardwalk Con – a comic convention), Mr. Marino was asked if he would be interested in appearing on Saturday, May 14th to interact with guests during a Thunder World Radio recording.

Initially, Mr. Marino declined the offer, but after further consideration, changed his mind and accepted. According to the agreement, Mr. Marino would not be paid for his appearance, as he was not a draw for the attendees at the comic convention. Instead, he would be featured as a special guest on the Thunder World Radio show.

As a courtesy, the venue offered Mr. Marino a free booth where he could meet with fans. It is a usual practice to barter with celebrity-types who are not generally known or able to draw a significant following.

On the morning of the convention however, Mr. Marino decided that he did not want to take the 75-minute drive to Atlantic City. He had spent most of the night before at the Boogie Night club, before sleeping at a Howard Johnson Hotel so he could ‘beat the Saturday morning traffic’ on his way to the ACBC.

After learning that Thunder World Radio had close ties with Atlantic City and the Howard Johnson Hotel, he complained for weeks about the $80 he paid for his room. Mr. Marino wanted the charge for the room to be waved because he was ‘a friend of the radio network’.

Joe Kane, the founder of Radio One Studios, says that Mike Marino is very difficult to work with (he used the term ‘nightmare’), is unprofessional and has a horrible attitude. “We have made a business decision to take [Mike] Marino out of our cable TV special and have decided not to work with him again,” added Mr. Kane.

Morric S.J News