Cockroach Giving Birth While Being Devoured By Fire Ants
(Image: Youtube)

Have you ever come across a sight where a cockroach giving birth while being devoured? Most of you must think that this is an impossible feat. But a quick read of this article will make it clear than a well-orchestrated attack plan of the tiny fire ants can bring down a cockroach that is 100 times larger than them.

This is also a proof of the fact that in the chain of the ecosystem there is no place of mercy. All need to look out for themselves. This is the reason why the dangerous fire ants show no mercy to the pregnant cockroach, how is in the middle of laying her eggs.

It is a terrifying sight to see how the ants attack the unsuspecting cockroach with all their strength and succeed in brings her down. The helpless cockroach giving birth while being devoured by these tiny soldiers has just laid there on the ground, waiting for her imminent death.

The attack of the fire ants not only kills the cockroach but also devours all the eggs, which she had laid. In this way, the ants became successful in finishing the present and future generation of this particular cockroach. Mother Nature is kind as well as cruel at the same time. While she awards the ants with food for the coming days, she sanctions the death warrant for the cockroach and her future descendants.


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