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Clomid for Post-Cycle-Therapy

Clomiphene Citrate, Clomid is commonly used as a fertility aid for women. It is what is known as a SERM, which is a selective estrogen receptor modulator. It works by binding the estrogen receptor and as such blocks this from doing the same thing. Its actions bind it to breast tissue, preventing estrogen from binding to it and therefore preventing a symptom called gynecomastia. It is not as effective as Nolvadex but it does have certain beneficial properties in this respect.

One other of its properties is that it opposes any negativity when it comes to a feedback loop that the body may have to estrogen and HPTA. This is the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis which stimulates LH, a luteinizing hormone, and FSH, the follicle-stimulating hormone. The function of both is to stimulate the release of testosterone which in short means that body-builders and athletes, who are coming off a cycle and starting a post-cycle therapy, can take advantage of its properties and functions.

Fundamentally, Clomid is a preventative drug against gynecomastia but it is also one which promotes natural endogenous testosterone. For this reason, it is often compared with Nolvadex which is another form of SERM.

Of the two, Nolvadex is the stronger when it comes to a mg for mg comparison. 150Mg of Clomid comparatively is equal to 20mgs of Nolvadex. However, 150mg of Clomid has been seen to raise testosterone levels significantly, approximately 150% of the baseline value. With that said, a person would not have to take this much as research has shown that as little as 50mgs will give a person enough improvement and high enough levels of testosterone.

The Dan Duchaine Underground Steroid Handbook suggests taking 100mg a day taken during a post-cycle therapy regime which lasts one week and then 50mg per pay per week. Although this may amuse many people today, in the late nineties, most people were unsure of how to use Clomid. This was considered to be one of the best PCT routines to follow. It is strongly believed that Dan Duchaine was the first to introduce this compound to a community that used steroids in their regimes.

It has been known for some time that Clomid is safe to use in long-term treatment for anyone suffering from low testosterone levels. Studies have shown that its efficiency and safety can be recommended for use for a period of 4 months annually. It is most effective during post-cycle especially when users suffer from decreased levels of testosterone.

Many people use Clomid for a period of around three weeks post cycle, and the dose they take is between 100 – 150 mg. It has been observed that a higher dose than this creates some unwanted emotional side effects. The reason for this is obviously too much testosterone in the body, much more than it can actually cope with. Concentration can be interrupted easily and mood swings are very evident when Clomid is used aggressively.

Clomid Side Effects

One of the side-effects of Clomid, if taken in higher doses of around 150mg a day, is to do with vision and focusing. This particular issue has been observed by many people who use Clomid aggressively. People have looked deeper into the problem and discovered that the vision problems they were experiencing were common when using Clomid and that it is optic neuropathy, which is just another way of saying ‘vision problems’. People who wear contact lenses might have to stop taking Clomid from their PCT routines too.

Clomid Success

Recently, Clomid has not been the most popular supplement to take for post-cycle routines. This may have a lot to do with vision problems as well as the emotional stress it can create in certain people. However, for the majority of users who do not suffer from these side-effects, then Clomid is just as good as Nolvadex when it comes to increasing testosterone levels but only if the correct doses are kept to. The recommended dose is 150mg a day for a period of ten days and then decreasing this by 50mg every ten days until the course is ended, which should be at day thirty. Bodybuilders, as well as athletes, use Clomid in this way, keeping to this routine, and have found that their testosterone levels have been restored to normal.

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