Clash Royale Update

Last September 19, Clash Royale got another update and with this new update came new cards to add to players’ arsenals, new chests to unlock and new game modes to dominate. The new Clash Royale definitely brought joy to the fans of the game. But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies for this update, there have been some reports that state that the new cards that are now available after the Clash Royale update are too hard to be found.

The new cards that came with the September update for Clash Royale are all of legendary status and are surely something every player would like to add to their deck. However, these new legendary cards are too hard to find. Even with the help of the new chests that were added to the game.

The new chests that are now available after the Clash Royale September update are the Legendary chests and the Epic chests. The new chests are available to purchase, the Legendary chest costs 500 gems while the epic chests cost 10,000 gold coins. However, the chests can also be looted from battles that were won, which means there can be other rewards from winning battles other than gold, silver, magical, giant and super magical chests. The great thing about the Legendary chest is that it guarantees at least one Legendary card and the epic chest will only have epic cards inside.

In other news, Clash Royale has surpassed Pokemon Go as the No. 1 App in the App Store when it comes to revenues. It seems that revenues have increased after the new cards were released in the latest update for Clash Royale.


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