Clash Royale Update
(Credits : Youtube)

In the case of the update, rumors have proven to be true, to the joy of a lot of fans of this Clash of Clans spin-off game. The highly awaited legendary card was released on the latest update just as it was predicted by rumors. The new legendary unit is short-range and to be honest, moves pretty slow as compared to other units. But what makes this legendary card a true gem to have in your deck, is its devastating attack power, it can wipe out armies and buildings in just a few seconds. In order to do this, you will have to know how to utilize this legendary unit properly.

If you are lucky enough to stumble upon the Inferno Dragon after this Clash Royale latest update, then you must know how to put it to use. It is capable of packing a lot of damage that can easily earn you a three- crown, total wipe out the victory. The first thing you have to know about the Infernal Dragon is that its attack power increases with time, meaning the longer it stays active on the battlefield, the more devastating it will be once it reaches enemy territory.

The initial damage that the Infernal dragon has is 75 damage per second, after two seconds, the power would increase to 250 damage per second and will continue to rise capping at 875 damage per second, yikes! This new legendary unit is the perfect defense slash counterattack card and will work in harmony with tank units that can protect them while they charge up their devastating DPS capabilities.

However, if you are yet to get any blessings from the Clash Royale update and actually have to fight someone who was lucky enough to get their hands on the new legendary card, it would be nice to know how to counter it. We know that the Infernal Dragon’s strength is quite formidable, and new flash, it is also its greatest weakness. The technique to counter this new beast is to make sure it does not reach that 875 damage per second cap. To do this you will need to interrupt the unit as soon as it is used by your opponent. Units like the Three Musketeers, Rockets and Ice Spirit, Zap, Lighting, and Freeze are your best bets to counter this new unit.


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