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“Clash Royale” has been dishing out updates consistently and providing players with more goodies to keep them hooked. In the upcoming update for the “Clash Of Clans” spin-off game, a leak has been discovered that suggests a new RED King’s Tower reskin is coming soon.

The Red King’s Tower is said to be included in the upcoming update for Clash Royale.” The reskin is Supercell’s way to commemorate World AIDS Day that is celebrated on Dec. 1. It is worth mentioning that the reskin is purely for aesthetic purposes, players can’t expect to have significant gameplay changes implemented.

clash royale update
(Image: Allison Carter)

Supercell apparently is a fan of charity, as the game developer has done the same with the original game “Clash Of Clans” in the years before. According to iDigitalTimes, players of CoC have the option to purchase Red Gems whose revenue all go to charity. Players who donated by buying gems will get the RED Townhall skin. This concept seems to be the same with the upcoming Red King’s Tower in “Clash Royale.”

Now that this leak is spreading on the internet like wildfire, players are expecting an announcement from Supercell soon. The fact that World Aids Day is commemorated on Dec. 1 means that the update can’t be too far away. In the past commemoration events, Supercell had the giving period on November 30 until December 8.

Clash Royale Updates

The “Clash Royale” November update was released earlier this month as reported by JBH,¬†and it was quite a success with justice doling balancing changes and new cards. Thanks to this recent leak, players can expect an update soon.

In other news, the “Clash Royale’s” Sister game is also busy preparing new updates for players to enjoy. Recent reports suggest that CoC will have their very own Christmas Package to celebrate the coming holiday season. Will “Clash Royale” get a Christmas Patch too? Stay tuned to JBH News for more updates!