Clash Royale Update
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The release day of the Ice Golem has already come and it is indeed a formidable card to have in your deck to reel in three crowns instantly! However, the card only seems to be great when used properly. It is known that the Ice Golem is a tank card and can also dish out some damage.

The Ice Golem is quite easy to put on the battlefield as it only costs the player two elixir charges. That being said, the unit cannot do much alone, there are certain combos that will make the card shine.

The Ice Golem, as we have mentioned before, will take its enemies with it to the grave with its last resort freeze attack that is similar to the Ice Wizard’s attack. The two units would do well when to put together in the field. This combo would greatly slow down the enemy’s army, and the two would mutually benefit, the Ice Golem being tanky and the Ice Wizard being fragile as a level 1 skeleton (not really).

Moreover, the Ice Golem needs great combos in order for its abilities to shine, like matching it with a good offensive card like the Skeleton Army, Spear Goblins or a whole lot of Barbarians.

Imagine the Ice Golem tanking while the other units kill the debuffed and slowed enemies. It is also wise to use the Ice Golem with high DPS units such as the Balloon and Sparky, so that when the Ice Golem makes the units immobile, they can dish out the DPS. Note that when the Ice Golem goes down, so does the units surrounding it, so make sure to utilize this last resort skill.


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